About R/Utility

Since the launch of the R/Utility Package 9 years ago it has been continually enhanced with input from our customers.  We  have now created four "Centres of Excellence" providing departmental solutions, R/Operations Centre, R/Security Centre, R/Support Centre and R/Development Centre..

What the customers say..

"We rely on it. We would have to buy several other packages to even begin to approach the functionality of R/Utility" -  Simon Baker, SmithKline Beecham

"R/Utility is important for us as part of our disaster recovery procedures. We use it to save output queues for spool file recovery after a disc replacement." - Celeste Broadfoot, Allied Breweries

"We were amazed at the value for money of R/Utility" - Tony Jewell, Caradon Bathrooms

"Its the easiest package I've ever used" - Colin White, Denso Sales UK

About RIO

RIO is a comprehensive AS/400 change management system.  It has been designed by professional with years of development experience to work in real world situations.
Above all it is easy to use and is flexible to help you manage change the way you want, whilst consistently enforcing your standards

What the customers say..

"The implementation of RIO went smoothly even though we were in a major upgrade development cycle, which pleased me since there were no complaints about the old system and the team took to its use quickly. I would go as far to say RIO helped to complete the upgrade on time" - Andrew Mercer, IR Director

"It is a capable, flexible and powerful system that lets me get on without compromising the need to keep control of changes and quality. It is by far the best change-control system I've seen, and I have no hesitation in recommending it." - Clive Robertson, Technical Consultant

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