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Over 20 years since our very first customer invested in our initial Scheduling product,...they still use it today...

New Version

A upgraded version of R/Security Centre is now available. .

RUSC Launches

A New  security consultancy service


Integrate R/Security with your systems management tools. Whatever you use, we will link to it

iSeries Security Focus

Check who’s sneaking
through the back door

For Managers - Check why you are at risk - a quote from a R/Security Customer

I have no specific example of what has happened, but then I wouldn’t because I had no way of knowing what was happening. The reason I was worried was because I knew what could happen.  I would suggest that people load this product and let it monitor access to their machine. They may be surprised.

Administrators - Quickly regain control - from an independent test

The fast track method of turning logging on is literally a 5 minute step, and all the previously hidden background and under the covers tasks start to become evident in the logs. Initially, the amount of activity is quite alarming, as it starts to make you aware of how much is actually going on.

The easy way to Lockdown your Data

A lot of access from PC’s and other systems via FTP, ODBC, Client Access etc is done without sufficient Security and is NOT audited.  LOCKDOWN, our consultancy service is a proven method to show you just what is happening and let you quickly apply the security controls your business deserves.

Do Not buy more products than you need

More than a product RUSC solutions are renowned for bristling with functionality. Invest in any or all departmental “Centres” to receive the benefits that would require purchasing many separate product elsewhere.

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